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Pr. Kelly M. Kingsly

A Financial Engineer From Cameroon

Professor of financial forensics, finance engineer.

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    Translating ideas into results takes commitment and consistency.

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    An idea isn't enough, it will take concrete actions to attract the kind of support you need to succeed.

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    Success without a concrete storyline is EPHEMERAL.


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I'm a Financial Engineer

Harvard Kennedy School Alumni

Prof. Kelly Mua Kingsly is a seasoned public finance manager with a wide range of competence that has been sharpened over time to enhance his performance as an exemplary professional. Prof. Kelly Mua Kingsley is currently the Head of Finance Operations of the State in the Ministry of Finance; he equally doubles as Project Finance Manager with the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, Censure at the Central Bank (BEAC), Designated Representative to the Regional Advisory Commission on Financial Markets. Before the above, Prof. Kelly served as Technical Adviser in the Directorate General of Treasury, Monetary and Finance Cooperation concurrently with his function as an adjunct lecturer in the AGENLA Academy on Forensic Accounting. Prof. Kelly has enjoyed a rich and varied career spanning multiple countries and disciplines in the International Public service, National Public service, the Private sector and Not for Profit Organizations, often setting up many start-ups for the Not for Profit Organizations.

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Master of Public Administration (MPA), Public Finance

Harvard University

Acquired skills and experience during my Harvard studies include leadership and decision sciences, public administration, and public finance.

Hks Center for Public Leadership
Hks Executive Education Programs
Hks Center for African Studies
Professional Engagements

What I Do

Talks about #finance, #cosumaf, #financialadvice, #cemacfinancemarket, #publicfinancemanagement, and #financialmarketdevelopment

  • Ministry of Finance - DGTCFM

    Director for Finance Operations of the state

    Design comprehensive strategies for monitoring public revenue and expenditure, portfolio budget statements and portfolio additional estimates statements, elaboration of the financial operations dashboard of the state, and summary situation of the state.

    Elaboration of revenue and expenditure data to improve state management, fully own the financials and provide insight to operational leaders on trends and opportunities for, growth, monthly financial reviews and forecasting, and budgeting.

    Operational modeling and M&A modeling, capital expenditure analysis. Metrics review – revenue, expenses, collections, volumes, etc. Work with third parties to establish financing for equipment and large capital projects, lead projects to implement financial process changes, Special transactions review – equity changes, relocation, M&A, present financial results internally and externally.

  • Copperstone University Zambia

    Adjonc lecturer

  • Lambert Academic Publishing

    Book Author

  • Prima Finance and investments LLC

    Board President and Founder

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