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Professor of financial forensics, finance engineer.

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Kelly Kingsley is visiting professor of financial management and Financial Crime Investigation at the Copperstone University in Zambia, and Professor of monetary policies at the Cameroon prestigious University of SOA Yaoundé II.

Known for generating positive energy whenever he walks into a room, Professor Kelly Kingsley received his master’s degree in public administration and Management, Degree in leadership and decision sciences at the John F Kennedy School of Government in Harvard University in 2016.

Prof Kelly is a 2014 Certified Not For-Profit Financial Stewardship from Harvard Kennedy School of Government, USA.

With over 4 research publications under his belt, in 2015, Kelly Kingsley earned a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Business Management: (Finance) from the Charisma University, British Aisle.   

Highly credentialed in numerous specializations, Prof. Kelly is holder of international certifications in the field of Operations Management, Certified Supply Chain Manager, Certified Forensic Accountant, and Certified Forensic Investigator, Financial Stewardship for NGO and a host of other certificates in the UN system, and author of a dozen publications.

Graduate from the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM), and in addition to consulting services to the private sector and NGOs, Kelly Kingsley has served in multidisciplinary positions from his appointed at the Ministry of Economy and Finance where he held numerous positions including; Auditor, Chief of Accounts, Expenditure, SCTIC, Deposits and consignments Divisional Treasurer a.i. In 2008 he went international where he held the positions of Deputy Resident Representative with the Unite Nations Development program country office , African Development bank program manager (Consultant) , Multiple consulting with reputed Breton wood and IMF institution till date. 

In 2014, Kelly Kingsley was appointed at the Ministry of Finance as a technical adviser, and promoted in 2016 in the position of Director for Finance Operations of the state concurrently with the functions of Director of finance for frontier zone projects in the ministry of economy and planning , Censor at the Central Bank of Central African State (BEAC) and Designated representative to the Regional Advisory Commission on Financial Markets . Founder member of the International Institute of Certified Forensic Accountants (Kenya) , Quantum blockchain technologies and definer in the USA-Minnesota not forgetting varied and multiple not for profit organizations .