my biography

Prof. Kelly Mua Kingsly is a seasoned public finance manager with a wide range of competence that has been sharpened over time to enhance his performance as an exemplary professional. Prof. Kelly Mua Kingsley is currently the Head of Finance Operations of the State in the Ministry of Finance; he equally doubles as Project Finance Manager with the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, Censure at the Central Bank (BEAC), Designated Representative to the Regional Advisory Commission on Financial Markets. Before the above, Prof. Kelly served as Technical Adviser in the Directorate General of Treasury, Monetary and Finance Cooperation concurrently with his function as an adjunct lecturer in the AGENLA Academy on Forensic Accounting. Prof. Kelly has enjoyed a rich and varied career spanning multiple countries and disciplines in the International Public service, National Public service, the Private sector and Not for Profit Organizations, often setting up many start-ups for the Not for Profit Organizations.

Prof. Kelly served as the Assistant Resident Representative- Operations with the United Nations. He Held a Consulting position as Program Manager for African Development Bank Sponsored Projects. Before the above, the Director-General and Deputy General Manager positions for Premier Enterprise and Marsterjes Ltd, respectively.

He has held multiple positions in the state treasury’s financial management, ranging from the auditor, chief of service for cash and accounts, deposits and consignments, computer processing and treatment of funds and head for expenditure. His contributions as a team member and leader led to the systematic production of the country’s first-ever management accounts by his region, a key indicator for admission of the country into the HIPIC initiative.

Prof. Kelly Mua is a founding fellow of the International Institute of Certified Forensic Accountants. He is the author and researcher, amongst some of his well-known works we have (i) The Roadmap for African Countries in the Fight against Corruption (ii) Outlook on infrastructure development in emerging economies (iii) Forensic accounts and ethics (iv) Financial crime investigation(v) Corporate fraud and risk management (vi) “le enhancement de l’economie verte’ (vii) Venality and racketeering in public management, (viii) Corporate Governance,  (ix) Disruptive technology, (X) Business Risk Management, (xi) Economic and financial bailout programs for an emerging Africa, all of the above expound on the science of forensic accounts in fighting corruption, the perspectives on enterprise risk management, policy analysis, to sanitize public management.

With more than 18 years of working experience, the forward-looking professional stands ready to provide effective and strategic leadership on a beam of technical fields traversing Policy analysis, Public Finance Management, Operations, Forensic Accounts and Financial Investigations, Institutional Representation, Program and Project Management, Economic Development, Reconstruction and Recovery Programs, Strategic and Political Information and Issue Analysis, Management of Strategic Organizations, Institutional and Organizational Coordination, Strategic Planning; Resource mobilization, Project monitoring and evaluation, resource mobilization and Multi-partnership coordination, Public policy analysis and Business management.

Awards and Achievements