Challenges Facing the Fight Against Fraud and Corruption Practices in the Cameroonian Public Sector

Posted: 2 Feb 2015 Last revised: 6 Feb 2015 Download this Paper

Professor Alain Ndedi

International Council for Family Business; ISTG-AC; YENEPAD; Saint Monica University; University of Johannesburg; University of Pretoria; Charisma University

Professor Kelly Kingsly

Independent; Copperstone University ; Charisma university

Date Written: February 2, 2015


It has been documented that fraud and corruption are gargantuan twin brothers that have limited the growth and infrastructure of many nations and led many firms to the road of bankruptcy. Fraud is rarely seen but the symptoms of fraud are usually observed. Corruption, the twin brother of fraud is the misuse of entrusted power for private benefit and includes; bribes, cronyism and nepotism, political donations, kickbacks and artificial pricing and fraud of all kinds. Corruption in Cameroon has been a significant problem for many years, inhibiting investment opportunities. The paper therefore adopts the agency theory to examine the level of fraud and corruption practices in doing business in Cameroon and evaluate the impact of government anti-corruption policies in fighting the menace of fraud and corruption practices. The study employed survey research method in obtaining data. Findings in this study revealed that virtually all the segment of the public sector are highly corrupt; with the Police, Custom and Tax administrations being the most corrupt institutions in Cameroon. Although, almost all the anti-corruption initiatives are ranked ineffective, only the CHOC-Cameroon programme (Change Habits, Oppose Corruption) are considered to be effective. This could be as a result of insincerity and lack of political will by the government to fight fraud and corruption in the system. The current paper gives a glimpse of challenges that all the established public structures are facing to deal with the fraud and corruption plights.

Keywords: Fraud, Corruption, Cameroon, public sector, anti-corruption

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Ndedi, Alain Aime and Kingsly, Professor kelly, Challenges Facing the Fight Against Fraud and Corruption Practices in the Cameroonian Public Sector (February 2, 2015). Available at SSRN: or

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