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1.    Cameroon should follow CAR’s crypto example say experts.

2.     Central Banks Respond to COVID-19 to Stave off a Financial Crisis

3.     China Sneezes the World Catches a Cold-CEMAC

4.     Coronavirus and Carbon Transition for Developing Economies

5.     Coronavirus and Carbon Transition for Developing Economies

6.     COVID-19 and Oil Prices

7.     Role of Information Communication Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Impact on GDP

8.     Forensic Account in Public Finance Management

9.     Le trésor public et la Lutte Contre la criminalité financière (The Public Treasury and the Fight Against Financial Crimes)

10. Leadership at the Heart of the African Sustainable Development Agenda: What Kind of Leadership in Amidst Economic Challenges

11. Introduction and Rationale for IPSAS and IFRS Implementation

12. The Future of an Emerging Africa

13. Active Management of the Treasury: Instrument for Financing the Economy

14. The US Elections and Impact on Financial Markets with Zoom on Central Africa    Yes

15. L’Intégration Économique En Afrique Centrale: État Des Lieux, Forces, Faiblesses, Problèmes Et Perspectives (Economic Integration in Central Africa: State of the Places, Strengths, Weaknesses, Problems and Prospects)

16. Reconsidering the Construction Chunks of the Enterprise Risk Administration Archetypal

17. Forensic Accounting & Financial Investigations

18. Moving from Strategy to Corporate Communication

19. Sustainable Growth and Social Development Through Agribusiness Industry

20. Regional Integration as a Tool for Economic Transformation

21. Moving from Economic Growth to Transformation Through Energy and Power

22. Forensic Accounting in Market Expansion: Google and the Chinese Market

23. A Scientific Approach to Fighting Money Laundry: Forensic Accounts

24. Perspectives of Infrastructure Development in Fragile Economies: Minding the Gap between Infrastructure and Development

25. Economic Crime and Welfare Spending in Developing Countries

26. Religion as a Tool for Economic/Political Transformation

27. Fraud and Corruption Practices in the Public Sector; the Impact of Forensic Accountants: Comparative Study of Cameroon and Nigeria

28. Does FIFA Management Fail to See the Sign on the Wall? Contributions to Instill Ethical Values into FIFA DNA

29. Why Exchange Control Matters in Countries Hosting Foreign Direct Investment?

30. Mind the Gap: The Bottom Line and Ethical Behaviour: How Volkswagen Failed to Reconcile the Two?

31. The Douala Stock Exchange (DSX) in Cameroon and Its Discontents

32. What Can Companies Learn from Volkswagen Business Unethical Behaviour?

33. Reconstruction of the Building Blocks of the Enterprise Risk Management Model from an African Perspective

34. Challenges Facing the Fight Against Fraud and Corruption Practices in the Cameroonian Public Sector

35. The Role of Forensic Investigation Professionals in the Prevention of Fraud and Corruption in Developing Countries

36. Impact of BR-EXIT in Central African Sub-Region

37. Identifying Red Flags of Racketing

38. Perspectives on Regional Integration as a Tool for Economic Growth

39. Corporate Social Responsibility and Public-Private Partnership

40. Identifying Red Flags and symptoms of fraud

41. Aggressive Response of the Central Bank to the COVID-19 Pandemic


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